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Chefs of Cape Town - Story Of Chef Madeline Chimvumbo

Chef Madeline, or Chef Maddy as she prefers to be called is without conviction the most efficient Chef we have worked with. Maddy lives her life, the way she operates in the kitchen; mean and clean. If there was ever the personification of a tight ship, it is Chef Maddy.

Q: Where were you born and what was life like growing up: A:“I was born and raised in Zimbabwe’s capital, Harare. It was amazing growing up, life was great back then for Zimabaweans. We were lucky to have had great education from the government and good jobs. We had everything back then, before around the year 200 when everything turned for the worse.”

Q: What was your first memory with food and who was your first influence when it came to food

A:”My mom inspired me and supported me to become a chef. She taught us to be true to ourselves and to do what we loved. Food was all I wanted to do from a very young age and having such a supportive family as well as a dad that loved to eat, it really gave me the ideal platform to pursue my passion and love for food. My parents were all in, they allowed me to cook anything i was thinking of or saw on the television”

Q: What are you currently doing in the food industry?

A:”I am currently working slowly on building my own brand, with the hope and faith that I will one day own my own food outlet and continually pursue what I am passionate about and what i love doing”. Q: How has life been outside of your home country. What has your experience of living in South Africa, more specifically Cape Town been: A:”My move to Cape Town was certainly not an easy decision at all. I had to leave my husband and kids behind. My youngest child was only 3 years old at the time. It was extremely difficult but sometimes you have to sacrifice what you love the most so that it can be well in the end. It took 6 months before my husband Bryan could join me and a year before any of my kids could come through and be with me in Cape Town. Bryan and I are so grateful for that decision as we are now prepared to offer our family a life that we never thought possible. Although life outside of Zim has not been all smooth sailing, it has certainly opened a lot of door for my family and I”

“”I have had the chance to work in some amazing restaurants around Cape Town and alongside incredible individuals and chefs who have taught me so much. I have worked at Lacantina, Pepper Club, Cullinan Hotel, Karoo Cattle and Land, DoubleTree by Hilton, Royal Cape Yacht Club and Lapos Kitchen.

Pepper Club and DoubleTree by Hilton were my favourite places to work and learn. I worked alongside such amazing Chefs, who taught and inspired me a great deal to be where I am today. Namely Chef Reinhard and Chef Simon, who really were so grateful to share their knowledge.

Q:What is your favourite ingredient to use in the kitchen:

A: “Herbs are my absolute number one and something I will never leave out of my kitchen. Herbs like Basil, Thyme, Parsley, Lavender, Mint, Rosemary and Organum are a must have. Herbs are so flavourful and are full of valuable nutrients and antioxidants. Perhaps most importantly, they make beautiful garnishes because we all eat with our eyes and everyone wants to take a picture and post in on social media. Herbs really help a lot with presentation”

Q: What is your favourite local dish:

A:”I am not really a fussy eater and eat just about anything. However if i had to pick a local favourite dish it would be some fresh snoek with slap chips”

Q: What is your favourite food?

A:”My favourite food to eat you will not believe is Mapone Worms. A very traditional Southern African food that I love. They are just so good and I can not get enough of them”

Kitchen Republik operates as a food delivery service in Cape Town, which serves as an empowerment platform for some of our most talented local chefs. Providing Chefs with a kitchen space, an online marketplace and means of distribution to get their delicious meals straight to your door. We help co-create a brand and logo for our Chefs while they work their magic in the kitchen. Our vision is to create a business where Chefs are the faces of their own brand; sharing their stories and favourite dishes with you. We want to empower 500 Chef's by 2030.

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