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Chefs Of Cape Town - Grenah Magseti

Updated: Dec 15, 2020

We recently had the opportunity to catch up with one of our favourite Chef's we have had the privilege of working with, Mrs Grenah Magaseti.

Grenah was born In Kenya and grew up in the Nyanza Province, which borders one of Africa's great lakes, Lake Victoria. The cold and rainy climate, although not ideal for living, was conducive to fresh produce and farmlands. Coupled with access to Africa's largest inland fishery, dominated by the Nile Perch; there was ideal access to unique, locally produced ingredients.

Grenah learnt to cook from her mom. Her earliest childhood memories she can remember being in her house, assisting her mom with prep and around the kitchen while she cooked for the family. This is where her love and passion for cooking was born. She credits all her inspiration from her mom. She loved the time and days spent in the kitchen when she was young learning and embracing traditional family recipes, made with locally sourced foods; all from her mom. In 2012 Grenah moved to Cape Town to pursue her love for food. Her dad was the principal at Kingsway College where she attended her studies. She picked up her first shift at Sevruga in the evenings; where she assisted in the scullery and kitchen admin. She was promoted to being a chef in just one week. Attending college in the mornings and working in the evenings was a burden on her time and energy; she chose to pull out her expensive college and keep following her Chefing dreams.

Moving up the ranks at Sevruga she worked there until it was sold in mid 2018. She took her skills to the 41 Restaurant in Camps Bay where she entered as a Su Chef and is now the operational Chef for the whole Kitchen. Grenah wishes to make a bit of extra money and return to complete her studies in the next couple of years.

Grenahs favourite local dish a a classic Cape Malay Curry (preferably Lamb) served on a Roti, with all the traditional spices. In a city which is such a melting pot of cultures and people; it is no wonder the variety in dishes and flavours is endless. Her favourite hometown local dish (from Kenya) is a Pap, Stew with Green Bananas (not going to lie we had to google this) which she says tastes better every time she has it.

Favourite kitchen appliance or utensil: The oven Favourite Cooking Ingredient: Garlic

Favourite food to eat: Pancakes

Grenah has worked in and around Cape Town for almost a decade; gaining valuable experience and some of our local favourite restaurants.

With her driven attitude and easy-going nature; it was an honour to work along side her, help her create a brand for herself and push out the food that was closest to her heart. We were never surprised at the countless amazing reviews we received from clients about the deliciousness of her food which was all testimony to her hard work and ability in the kitchen. Grenah has now moved on to the 41 Restaurant in Camps Bay as they open up gradually to local and international patrons...... they are lucky to have her. We long for, and look forward to the day when we can have her back in the kitchen; sharing her passion and favourite dishes with the people of Cape Town.

Grenah has designed a couple menu's for Kitchen Republik, namely the Spanish Spagetti and Meatballs as well as the sought-after Fish, Leak and Roast Potato.

She has assisted us with our kitchen operations and always goes above and beyond to ensure the smooth execution of our Ghost Kitchen.....................Oh, and did we mention she makes the worlds greatest salads...... trust us.

Kitchen Republik has been supporting and collaborating with Chef Grenah to create her own food brand. She wishes to give her name (Chef Grenah) and food some exposure to the Cape Town market, while building up a small cliental in pursuit of her dreams to one day open up her own kitchen.

Kitchen Republik operates as a food delivery service in Cape Town, which serves as an empowerment platform for some of our most talented local chefs. Providing Chefs with a kitchen space, an online marketplace and means of distribution to get their delicious meals straight to your door. We help co-create a brand and logo for our Chefs while they work their magic in the kitchen. Our vision is to create a business where Chefs are the faces of their own brand; sharing their stories and favourite dishes with you. We want to empower 500 Chef's by 2030.

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