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Chefs Of Cape Town - Chef Charlton Constable

Chef Charlton Constable

Chef Charlton started his culinary career when he was around 7 years old. Born in Bishop Levis; he remembers the years as a young child; tagging along with his mother who was the community cook. Whether it was weddings, birthdays or family gatherings, he was always inspired by how his mother put smiles on everyone's face when she served them food. Coming from a big family of amazing cooks, Chef Charlton had the opportunity to see first hand the many unique styles and approaches when it comes to cooking and using ingredients to create memorable dishes.

Q: What are you currently focused on: Chef Charlton is currently building his own catering business called Caterers Ala King. He is using the Kitchen Republik platform to get his food onto the plates of our foodie community and build on his existing brand presence. Charlton mission is to establish a catering business which focuses on youth upliftment. Giving young kids from all different backgrounds the opportunity to pursue a life in the food industry.

Chef Charlton has been able to successfully head up and build customer loyalty in some amazing establishments in the Western Cape. Over the past decade he has applied his skills in the kitchen of One and Only, Round House, Coco levant, Pizzeria Villagio and Western Province Caterers to name drop a few. He not only has over 20 years of cooking experience but has worked in a diverse range of kitchens, offering unique menus and cuisines to diverse customer segments. This has all contributed to the amazing food Chef Charlton is able to create.

Q: What are your thoughts on the Cape Town food scene? In comparison with the international food scene.

Charlton is a massive advocate of the local food scene. We share the same view as him, that too many locals lean towards international cuisines in their own city; they do not experience and even know about the local flavours and cuisines on offer. This has resulted in many restaurants and eateries copying international flavours; rather than our Chef’s embracing our local traditions. Charlton explains that when South African’s travel to foreign countries, they embrace the local food and culture but when they are in their own home town; they won't even be tourists when it comes to local cuisine. Even though Charlton is passionate about our local foods; he says that we are behind international pace and standards because of South African’s run to foreign cuisines. So rather than innovate and push the boundaries with our own foods, we simply just copy those of international cuisines. It is sad to see the lack of exposure our local food gets despite the high volumes of tourists that visit every year. They want to experience local dishes and culture.

Charlton's favourite local dish is a bobotie. He says that if you want the best bobotie in town you will need to get it from him. No one can cook a bobotie like he can. The clients who have tasted this dish from Chef Charlton will second that statement.

Side note: We challenge anyone out there reading this. If you have your favourite bobotie place and believe it is better than Chef Charlton’s let us know. If we find it to be true, we will offer you a private tasting with Chef Charlton himself ;) Chef’s favourite international dish is the French originated Foie Gras (Duck Liver) - a very acquired taste certainly not for everyone.

Charlton also enjoys smoked meats. Hog House Pinelands and Hog Hous Spier in Stellenbosch where Chef PJ Vaders masters his trade. Charlton was mentored by PJ Vaders (a Sous for Gordon Ramsey for 4 years). Charlton associates much of his success to PJ Vaders, who taught him how to become a machine with his methods and master and streamline his operations. Charlton wishes to impart his knowledge to the next generation of young upcoming Chef’s. Q: Favourite piece of equipment in the kitchen: Wusthof Chef’s Knife. Q: Memories in the Kitchen and future of SA Food Industry: Chef Charlton's view on the next few years of the food industry in Cape Town is that a lot of Chef’s are going to open their own businesses; they have been forced to become entrepreneurs and push their own exposure and foods to the local consumers. It is a really positive push for Cape Town’s cuisine exposure. Chef’s best memories around food are when international guests, be it at the One and Only came around to stay and specifically ask for him and only want to eat the food that he makes. Chef Charlton’s dream is to inspire the next generations of Chef’s. He wants to leave a legacy behind and have people say “if it wasn’t for Chef Charlton, I would not be here”.

We share this same vision with Charlton which has made our collaboration and incredible experience. Chef, as do we, believe that restaurant owners take advantage and treat their staff badly. Chef’s work crazy hours, on their feet and in strenuous conditions and are not compensated or represented fairly. It is a gap that the team at Kitchen Republik are striving to fill.

It has been an amazing journey so far shared with Chef Charlton. He is calm when there is a storm; he finds peace when there is madness and just knows how to make anything and everything work. He is a true leader in the kitchen and nothing that he can not cook; particularly authentic South African dishes.


Kitchen Republik operates as a food delivery service in Cape Town, which serves as an empowerment platform for some of our most talented local chefs. Providing Chefs with a kitchen space, an online marketplace and means of distribution to get their delicious meals straight to your door. We help co-create a brand and logo for our Chefs while they work their magic in the kitchen. Our vision is to create a business where Chefs are the faces of their own brand; sharing their stories and favourite dishes with you. We want to empower 500 Chef's by 2030.

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