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Food Delivery - The Convenience of Laziness

Updated: Dec 15, 2020

You get home from work, put on your latest favourite Netflix series and before you know it your other half arrives home and is complaining about what you’re both going to have for supper. Sound familiar? What’s usually the next step? Do you quickly google “quick and easy cheap meals to cook” and then race to the supermarket in the rush hour traffic or do you turn to each other and go, “What food delivery should we get tonight?”. More and more millennials are, for obvious reasons, turning to option two. Why would you want to sit in traffic (AGAIN), slave away in the kitchen and produce a sub par meal when you could just order food online, quick, conveniently and yes, lazily.

That is the world we live in. One where we tap away at our magic smart phones and within 30 minutes a food delivery fairy arrives with a bundle of deliciousness. But what is it about having food delivered right to our door that makes it so fantastic? Initially it may have been the novelty of ordering your McDonalds from your bed but now is it because we do everything online from clothes shopping to festival ticket buying? What has happened to the days when people would camp outside ticket offices to buy Beyonce tickets?

Truthfully, it’s probably a combination of two things; convenience and our laziness. Or are they one in the same thing? Are we now lazier because we want everything to be convenient or has everything become so convenient that we are becoming lazier….. Hmmm I think deep down we all know the answer. We have demanded things to be faster, closer and more connected and boom we can now do everything from our homes…. As long as Eskom gets their s*** together.

No matter what our reasons for ordering food online and having it delivered to us, there is no doubting its effect on society. It satisfies a lot of peoples’ need for a quick and painless meal and creating jobs. All of the guys zipping around on their delivery scooters are now employed and restaurants are now far more accessible to everyone. Really, food delivery seems to be a win win for everyone.

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