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About Us

Kitchen Republik aims to give people and communities better opportunities through food.

Founded on its core values of people before profit. Kitchen Republik’s mission is to establish a business model which puts people first.


We provide Chef’s with a platform to design menus, build their own brands and share their favourite meals with people all around the Western Cape.
Collaborating with our Chefs, we are passionately driven to provide delicious, fresh, home-style meals straight to offices and households.


We champion our communities. Whether you are a mother of 3, young couple, single working professional or aspiring entrepreneur, Kitchen Republik will save you time cooking and cleaning by delivering ready-to-eat meals conveniently straight to you. So you can have more time focusing on the things that really matter in your life.

Join the Republik today, support our local Chef’s and help us achieve our vision of up skilling and empowering 500 people by 2030. 


Our Vision:

To create a socially uplifting organisation which serves to empower the individuals which drive it and the communities in which it serves. Kitchen Republik aims to empower and upskill 500 individuals by 2030

Our Mission:

To source and uplift the best Chef's and provide you with delicious home-style meals, delivered conveniently straight to you

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