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Girls in Business - Pitch Day (Part 2)

An amazing initiative run by Oribi Village which gave 100 young women in Cape Town the platform to build businesses which address social, economic and environmental issues in their communities.

The Sesta City Museum prepping for their pitch day and with their winning certificates.

We had previously introduced the 5 finalist teams (see post from 12 May) which all had the opportunity to work on their business models, develop an MVP and market test their ideas.. At the end, each of these 5 teams had the chance at a final pitch for seed funding to get their social enterprises off the ground. The final pitch day was hosted at the Isivivana Centre judged on from a panel from IkamvaYouth SA - WC, Amandla Development and Open Design Afrika. Here are the 2 winning teams of the competition: - Sesta City Museum - A youth empowerment initiative to provide kids with a safe space for creative expression. Kids from the local area are provided a platform where they can partake and showcase their talents in the arts. - Being Alive Again - Affordable Mental Health Service - "Bringing Black Youth in Townships back to life, through affordable counseling services". Utilising chatbots and tech.

Both businesses not only address critical issues in their communities and provide sustainable solutions to them but each team consists of amazing individuals. Young women who are smart, creative, confident and driven to create change. It has been a privilege to work alongside and mentor The Sesta City Museum. Their chapter as change makers has only just begun and we are excited to be on the ride with them. Please follow their story, show them some love on the socials and most importantly support their businesses. The biggest lesson we can take is that deep rooted issues are solved bottom up and THE FUTURE IS FEMALE.

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